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How to Use and Maintain your Built-In Grill

Posted by Jen Kloter on Tue, Nov 08, 2016 @ 12:53 PM

Protect the investment you’ve put into your outdoor kitchen and built-in grill.

Keeping the grill, other appliances and stainless steel cabinets clean and well maintained is going to help preserve your investment for many years to come. There are some minor issues that can occur when you own a gas grill – no matter how much you spend on it, things can go wrong and malfunction once in awhile. Here is a checklist of things to watch for and to include in your regular maintenance of the grill. Some of these tips are specific to the Summerset brand of grills, and some are more general and may apply to other brands as well.

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How much does a built-in grill cost?

Posted by Jen Kloter on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 08:33 AM

Built-in Grills are becoming more and more popular. In an economy that is making a recovery, we have seen a steady increase in the number of grills and  outdoor kitchens  we've been asked to install. So how much does a built-in grill cost to install? Well - It depends.
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Donoghue Transformation

Posted by Amanda Bahler on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

Working with this customer was an incredible joy.

They were not satisfied with their yard as it was so they called us in to help them out. It was amazing to watch this transformation unfold and now you can too!

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Complete Yard Transformation: Paver patio and walkway

Posted by Amanda Bahler on Mon, Aug 06, 2012 @ 12:50 PM

"The professionalism and thoroughness with which our job was done was most impressive beginning with the sales/marketing and design team to the workers on site."

The first time this customer came into our design center for an appointment we knew we were going to have a blast. We clicked right away and the process began. They wanted to redo not only their front yard but their back yard too. Through many many questions from an engineer to lauging at his many jokes, the design came together beautifully! After many appointments and picking out the perfect pavers, the plans were set and ready to go!

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How do I plan my Outdoor Kitchen?

Posted by Brad Wiegand on Tue, Nov 15, 2011 @ 12:27 PM

Ahhh, food.  This is one of my favorite topics. I love to eat... really, just about anything. But, I also enjoy the time of preparing the scrumptious food item(s).  Although I love my indoor kitchen, there really isn't anything better than grilling that favorite steak or kabob with a few friends on a beautiful summer evening.

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