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Landscaping & Architectural Lighting

A professionally lit landscape illuminates and creates scenes that completely transform your outdoor living space.

The lights came on that first night, and I wondered what resort I had stepped into. And just think, I live here.

- Lew Noble

Photo Apr 21 2023,Bahler front yard resized

Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

A professionally lit landscape can make a stunning first impression for neighbors passing by, or for friends and family paying you a visit.   

Imagine the effect a few downlights can create by casting shadows as the light comes through the lacy canopy of the trees. Or the powerful highlights of architectural features that a few well-placed accent lights can make.   And the warmth and coziness a soft lighting can add to your home, building a perfect setting for outdoor parties and gatherings.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love landscape lighting...and why you will too!


Function, Safety & Security

Outdoor lighting provides both form and function.  Just a few lights can provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

Path lights can illuminate a walkway to your front door at night, while step lights can help visitors safely make their way up a set of steps.

Outdoor lighting can also extend the use of your outdoor space.  A well-lit patio or outdoor deck will let you enjoy your space well into the evening, creating a relaxing ambiance that you'll enjoy at the end of a long day.   

Lighting can also serve as a deterrent to residential crimes.  Brightening up dark corners can make your home less inviting to potential intruders, since there are fewer dark areas that provide cover.

Learn more about the benefits of outdoor lighting here »

Architecture & Focal Points

Showcase the architectural details of your home by illuminating a stone facade or lighting up decorative archways.  Or,  shine a litttle light on a specimen tree to show off it's unique branching structure.  These are just a few ways that outdoor lighting can enhance the overall look of your home. 

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