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Natural Stone

Natural stone can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your outdoor living space that cannot be matched with most manufactured products. The variety of colors and textures available provides so many options to enhance the finished look of your space.

Many, many thanks again for making a big undertaking so pleasant for us. We feel as though we are now living in a resort!

- Lew Noble & Betsy Mack
Granby, Connecticut

Why You Should Consider Natural Stone


When it comes to landscape materials, natural stone provides a timeless beauty that is hard to find in other materials.  While it can be more expensive than other finishes (such as concrete), it's often the only way to go when trying to establish a unique look.   It makes a great statement and first impression in any landscape design, and its versatility can suit many styles.  It also provides a degree of permanence and durability not easily achieved with other materials.


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The Many Uses of Natural Stone

Natural stone can be used in many design elements or features of a landscape.  These include:

Retaining Walls - both full bed stone and veneer stone can be used to provide a rustic, old- world look that blends with a site's natural surroundings.

Patios and Walkways - Bluestone and Brownstone are just two types of Natural Stone that can be installed to add a touch of sophisticated elegance to a more formal outdoor living space.

Steps - Granite or other forms of natural stone can provide a great look and offer added durability as compared to other products.

Pillars and other accents -  Pillars that flank an entrance, granite cobblestones that border a driveway, or a granite mailbox post all add warmth and distinctive finishing touches.


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Natural Stone can vary in color from piece to piece

Typical Stone Available in New England

There are many types of natural stone. Some are better suited for different uses than others.

Here are just a few that work well in the landscape: 

  • Bluestone - is a sandstone based blueish-grey stone
  • Brownstone - is a reddish brown colored sandstone based stone.
  • Granite - is a very hard rock that comes in a lot of different colors. The most common one used in the landscape is called Salt and Pepper or Stanstead granite. It's a lighter grey with a black fleck.
  • Boulders - A more rustic looking material that can range in color from tans to various greys. Boulders are found objects that are collected from various sources like old farmsteads or river beds.
The beauty of each stone is in the variety of subtle color changes and veining that can be found from piece to piece. Because it is a natural product quarried from the earth, there is no guarantee that your stone selections will be an exact match.

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