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Retaining Walls

Bring a clean, organized look with elegant design & function to any yard.

"The yard is beautiful. Everyone at Bahler Brothers did a great job. Phil was a pleasure to work with. He took time each morning to talk with us and make sure we were happy. The sales process was a breeze and Brad's work on the design was amazing. It is great when you see the plan come to life. Thanks again!"

- Kim Rainville
South Windsor, 2012

Retaining Wall Project in Northern/Central Connecticut

Add Natural Depth to Your Landscape

A retaining wall acts as a stabilizing force to help prevent soil erosion and protect your yard. They can also add depth to your outdoor space and give you more room for your landscaping. Our experts can design custom retaining walls with materials ranging from natural stone to informal boulders for your outdoor space this season. Or, check out this post to learn what it takes to start your retaining wall project:


How Much Does a Retaining Wall Cost?

Retaining Wall Project in Northern/Central Connecticut

Elegant Form with Durable Function

Retaining walls are the most commonly used vertical design element in a landscape. We love helping home or business owners make better use of their space. By ensuring that the proper drainage is taken into account, we can build retaining walls of any size that will last for decades.


View Before & After Transformations

Retaining Wall Project in Northern/Central Connecticut

Custom Projects to Fit Your Needs

At Bahler Brothers, we live to create outdoor spaces that bring enjoyment to the families of our community. It's our priority to ensure that your landscape meets your needs beautifully. To do so, we can tackle a wide variety of retaining wall challenges so that your project matches the look and feel of your home. Don't hesitate to see what we have planned for your space


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