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Complete Yard Transformation: Paver patio and walkway

By: Amanda Bahler on August 6th, 2012

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Complete Yard Transformation: Paver patio and walkway

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"The professionalism and thoroughness with which our job was done was most impressive beginning with the sales/marketing and design team to the workers on site."

The first time this customer came into our design center for an appointment we knew we were going to have a blast. We clicked right away and the process began. They wanted to redo not only their front yard but their back yard too. Through many many questions from an engineer to lauging at his many jokes, the design came together beautifully! After many appointments and picking out the perfect pavers, the plans were set and ready to go!

Front yard Before

Front Yard:

Their front yard had definately seen its better years. The plants were looking a little thin, the walkway was made of concrete stepping stones and they decided it just did not do much for the value of their home. There is also a small hill in the front yard which was a pain to mow, so we designed in a retaining wall. After the plans were set, we went to work!


Paver Sidewalk and Front Landscaping installFront Yard Installation

The installation process went quickly with the experienced help we have. The old plants and walkway were removed on day one and then the install process began with a new paver walkway using Techo-Bloc's Parisian paver and new plants from Shemin Nurseries.

"Everyone who came to work was outstandingly friendly and polite and a terrific worker."

Finished Front YardPaver Walkway with Landscaping and Lighting

The finished product came out beautiful! It is amazing what a new walkway and plants can do to the front of a house. We also added low-voltage landscape lighting from BISCO. All lit up at night it looks so inviting!

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting at night






"The compliments from our neighbors have been many, and we have not been shy about singing your praises."


Back yard Before

Back Yard:

Can you see why they came to see us? Their patio needed lots of help! Having been installed many years ago (not by Bahler Brothers) they needed a new paver patio. A few features they wanted to incorperate: a built-in grill, water feature, landscaping, planters, and low-voltage landscape lighting. After much time spent designing and picking out pavers, they decided on Techo-Bloc's Mista paver with an inlay using Techo-Bloc's Parisien Circle Pattern to make it look like a rug. Now we were ready to start the installation process.

"How many ways can we say we LOVE our new patio, planters, built-in barbeque, and paths. An absolute magnificent job was done."

Backyard Paver Patio with Built-in Grill and Retaining Walls in progress

Back Yard Installation

We were able to do the front and the back yard at the same time saving us travel time and making it possible to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time and not dragging out the process. The homeowner was anxious to have it done so they could use it!

"We were so impressed at the fact that when they arrived on site in the morning, there was no standing around...they just got to work and did so all day long."


Paver Patio with Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace and Raised Landscape Beds

Finished Back Yard

All said and done, this is the way it turned out and they were very happy to say the least!

Paver Patio at night with Outdoor Landscape Lighting





 "Many, many thanks again for making a big undertaking so pleasant for us. We feel as though we are now living in a resort!"

Click Here to see their complete transformation Video.



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