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Enhance the look of your Concrete Steps with an Overlay!

Add a touch of Elegance to your entry way.

"We could not be more satisfied with the two brick walkways Bahler Brothers put in for us. The were professional, worked around our schedule, and did a wonderful job. They have done other work in our neighborhood, and everyone has only positive things to say. We highly recommend them!"

- Jeanne Van Tassell Wiley
East Hartford, CT 2016

Concrete Step Overlay in Connecticut

What is an Overlay?

A Concrete Overlay is a stone or concrete product that is adhered to the surface of an existing concrete installation. It completely covers the old concrete, to give it an entirely new look!

One material option is made by Techo-Bloc. It is a concrete overlay system called Venetian and Blu 45mm (shown at right). It gives an attractive stone textured finish to a bland concrete stoop.

Interlocking Concrete Paver Patios

Can all concrete be overlayed?

Here are some things that we consider when determining whether a project is a good candidate for an overlay:

  1. Is the step level from side to side?
  2. Does the step properly slope away from the house?
  3. Are there large cracks anywhere on the surface or sides?
  4. Is there any pitting or disintegration due to rock salt or weathering?

Some of these issues can be solved by our highly trained installers, but sometimes the surface is too far gone for an overlay to be a practical option.


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natural stone as an overlay material option

Natural Stone as an Overlay Option

Natural Stone is a great option. There is more variety in types of stone, shapes, color, and textures. Most types of stone can be used as an overlay giving you endless choices for coordinating with other building materials used on site.

Natural stone has been used for years on facades of homes, buildings and any other verticle surface. It has an elegance that dresses up any set of steps.


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