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Landscape Design & Management

Providing a personalized touch for all your landscaping needs

"Our finished landscape project looks even better than the prospective plans that we were sent! ALL the workers are friendly and easy to work with. We couldn't be happier!"

- Peter & Phylis Jarvis
South Windsor

Design for Front landscape, 3D model

Landscape Design

Our professional team comes with years of experience knowing just how to transform your overgrown landscape into a work of beauty. With extensive knowledge of  plant specimen, the LM division can create low maintenance landscapes that are customized to your needs that provide beautiful year round interest. 




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Professional Installations

We love adding the beauty of plantings to any home or business. We will install anything from simple foundation plantings in front of your home to extensive estate plantings. All of our landscapes are designed to be low maintenance and perfect for your needs. Take a look at some of our recent projects.


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Landscape Maintenance

It is the Maintenance Division's priority to ensure that your outdoor living space is beautiful all year long. We strive to meet your landscaping needs so it's easier for you enjoy your landscape and take care of it. In order to achieve that, we offer a wide variety of landscaping services throughout the growing season by customizing your service package to your needs.


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