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Wow! From Pool to Paver Patio

By: Amanda Bahler on June 28th, 2012

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Wow! From Pool to Paver Patio

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Before Backyard Transformation with Pool

Wow! From Pool to Paver Patio.

Wow! What a transformation! This customer came to us and said he was sick of the gunnite pool. His kids were all grown up and it was time to create a space they could not only entertain in, but also could enjoy by themselves. The stone wall that was holding up the hill side was also leaning forward and needing to be replaced before it got any worse. We sat down with him and worked on many designs, and finally came up with the perfect plan. Remove the pool, install a multi-level paver patio with a fire pit, landscape lighting, an area for their hot tub and landscape beds.


Removal of Gunnite Pool

RemovalRemoval of Shrubs Backyard Transformation

This was quite a project, breaking down all of the cement and hauling it away load by load. As you can see there was tons of debris to haul away! Many shrubs and trees were also removed. The retaining wall on the outside of the pool was also taken out.



New Paver Patio Installation

Paver Installation

Our paver installation process is not your average We meet or exceed industry standards, and take great pride in what we have found to be the best possible installation for a long lasting project.  It takes many different types of machinery, skilled hand labor and much more, to create the perfect project.  Click the button below to download the in-depth description of our paver installation.

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Retaining Wall Installation by Bahler Brothers




The wall installation process also takes skill; of which we have an abundance of. We have a great crew who can do anything we throw at them. From a simple 3ft sitting wall to custom outdoor kitchens. This project had a large retaining wall to control the run off from the hill side and also some raised planting beds for landscaping. The wall crew did an excellent job!


The finished Product

Multi-Level Paver Patio with Hot Tub

Here we are a couple years later and we were able to go back and take photos of the finished product. That is one of greatest advantages to our business, we get to work closely with the homeowner and build relationships that last as long as our pavers, a lifetime. The grass has grown in beautifuly and the landscaping is incredible!


Paver Patio with Fire Pit and Retaining Walls and Hot Tub





Paver Patio with Retaining Wall and Fire Pit and Landscape Lighting






Paver Patio with Step





Paver raised Planting Bed






Pathway to new Paver Patio



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