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This blog addresses many of the questions, issues and design options for paver and wall installations.

Kristiann Vargas

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What is Hardscape Cleaning & Maintenance & When Should I be Doing it?

Everyone loves a newly installed hardscape. We take pride in the newly renovated spaces we build and the upgraded curb appeal they provide.  What we don't talk about enough is the routine maintenance needed to keep that beautiful hardscape looking its best for years to come.   Hardscape materials have advanced tremendously over the years. Manufacturers have revolutionized the aggregates and pigments used in their materials, extending the life of their products. There is however still basic cleaning and maintenance required. Without following a structured maintenance schedule, you will slowly see wear and tear on your outdoor living space. Left undone, this could contribute to erosion and costly repairs.    What should I expect to see after a hardscape installation? Shortly after installation you may see some efflorescence on your pavers and walls. These are naturally occurring white chalky stains that develop on the face of concrete products. While they may seem unsightly, these stains dissipate in time. You can choose to have this haze removed by an annual cleaning and sealing. With time you may also start to notice the joint sand failing. This is usually signified by moss growth or wash out.   

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