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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

By: Brad Wiegand on December 22nd, 2011

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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Living  |  Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting with Patio and Fire PitOne of the fastest growing sections of the landscaping industry is the incorporation of low voltage landscape lighting.  This may be a surprise to some, but as you drive around at night, if you look, you will see an increased amount of businesses and residences softly lit.  There are a number of benefits associated with the introduction of low voltage lighting to one's home or business.


While landscape lighting is breathtaking in its beauty, it also  provides a safe, secure and welcoming environment to come home to. Low voltage landscape lighting is a proven primary deterrent to residential crime.

Landscape Lighting on Walkway and Uplighting a ChimneySafety 

One of landscape lighting's most practical sides is that it is a great way to mark pathways or accent garden areas. Get the full use out of your garden, yard and patio areas by adding decorative landscape lighting to your outdoor spaces. With outdoor lights you will also feel safer in your yard as you come home to relax in your garden. Consider marking all of your walkways with path lights to safely guide you to your destination.

Extension of Outdoor Use 

What typically happens when it gets dark...? We go inside right? You don't have to anymore. . A garden with low-voltage landscape lighting can bring a whole new setting to the home and provide the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. Landscapes emerge at dark under subtle outdoor landscape lighting to create wonderful shapes in hauntingly beautiful sculptured drama. Pathways, ponds, statues, trees, and shrubs all produce a serene environment when landscape lighting is applied.

Low Voltage Lighting on the Pillars on the Front of the HouseHighlight Architecture 

Your home has beautiful architectural elements.  Why not highlight them with a bullet light? For instance, enhance the texture of a stone facade by grazing it with light, or highlight the columns on your porch.

Cost Effective 

Low-voltage landscape lighting is easy and safe to install, is safe for kids and pets, and it consumes less power than line voltage lighting.  With the introduction of the LED, homeowners can operate a lighting sytem for a beautifully lit home for a fraction of the cost of line voltage. 



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