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Imagine the Water Garden Dream

By: Brad Wiegand on November 14th, 2012

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Imagine the Water Garden Dream

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Outdoor Water Garden

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it...  -William Ward

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools that has ever been given to mankind.  If Thomas Edison had no imagination, we could still be living without electric lights, or microphones, or megaphones, or...   The greastest thing about imagination is that it can become a dream, and dreams can be shared.  When a person has a dream they have two choices, to share, or not to share their particular dream. 

Water gardens are no different.  It all begins with imagination... vision... inspiration...  Some of that may come from your surrondings.  Whether it's from a picture in a magazine, a blog, or any other media, when we see a water garden our imaginations begin to run.  We begin to see, hear, and even feel the tranquility and beauty that a water garden can bring to our homes.

We begin to imagine ourselves in an environment different than one that surrounds us currently. 

We begin to see the beauty of a still body of water only disturbed as a gorgeous fantail koi swims by. 

Outdoor Water Garden Koi Pond

We hear all of the sounds associated with a water garden; the croaking of frogs, the trickle and splash of water as it cascades over rocks, even the hum of dragon fly wings. 

lotus with water fall

As you look at these pictures, can't you just feel the tranquility and beauty of the water garden?  You begin to realize very quickly that imagination can become a dream, and dreams can take on form and be shared with others. 

So can't you imagine a water garden in your back yard and you sitting next to it?  Maybe you're alone just contemplating the beauty of life and unwinding after a long day at work.  Maybe a little hand grabs yours and those deep searching eyes begin to twinkle as that koi swims by.  Or, could it be one of those starlit evenings as your dearest friends gather in your back yard because after all, yours is the best with that stunning water garden... 

What's your dream?


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