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How to Prepare your Water Feature for the Upcoming Spring

By: Michael Bahler on March 21st, 2014

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How to Prepare your Water Feature for the Upcoming Spring

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When winter is turning and springtime is in the air, it is time to start thinking about getting your water garden back into operation. Don’t worry, the steps are very easy and almost anyone can do it.

Water Fall by Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT

Step 1: If you live where it gets extremely cold, you want to make sure that winter is actually over and no more cold spells have yet to come. If a cold spell comes after you have completed the spring startup, you could possibly damage your pump if the water freezes to the point of no longer flowing.

Step 2: Get your pump ready for installation. Visually inspect it to make sure that it is not damaged or broken.

Step 3: Clean out the spillway and the pump housing of your water feature (skimmer on a pond, vault on a pondless) . Make sure they are free of debris and scum.

Step 4: If you have a pond, clean out the filter in your skimmer and the filters in the BioFalls (for all types of water features). To do this, just simply rinse them off with a hose. Click on the video below for more information on pond clean out.

Step 5: Make sure that the actual waterfall and pond are relatively clean of unwanted sticks, leaves, and other debris.

Step 6: Place the pump in the pump housing and connect it to the plumbing for the water feature. This is just a simple threaded connection or rubber coupler and only has to be tightened as much as you can by hand. See video below for additional information.

Step 7: Start filling the water feature with water using your garden hose. If you have a pond with fish, the feature will already have some water in it and also a bubbler and/or a floating water heater. These can be removed and stored for use next winter. Once the water level gets to the desired height, you can plug in the pump.

Pondless Water FeatureStep 8: Once the plumbing and waterfalls have filled up with water, make sure that the water level in you pond or you pondless vault are at the desired water level and remove the garden hose.

Step 9: Now that your waterfall is running, and if your water feature has a pond, now would be a good time to add in your water additives to prevent algae and to keep your pond clear. Things like Aquascape’s beneficial bacterial and Rapid Clear are a few things that could be beneficial to your pond. If you have questions regarding what chemicals to use for your pond or other information, visit www.aquascape.com for more detailed information.

The last step is to ENJOY!!



If you feel that your pond and waterfall aren't as clean as you want them to be, you have the option of having your pond professionally cleaned before you do your spring startup. Contact your local water garden company if your pond needs this done.



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