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Unilock on Launching Pad with NEW Retaining Wall Product

By: Brad Wiegand on February 7th, 2012

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Unilock on Launching Pad with NEW Retaining Wall Product

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shuttle launchMany of us have either seen clips like this on TV, the internet, or have witnessed it in real life.  It is the sights and sounds of man-kinds' advancements in the world of technology and innovation.  Sending a man into space is not only an incredible feat, but it also brings a new sense of respect for nature and it's beauty.

This mental illustration became clear once again to me recently as I thought back on my latest experience with retaining wall products. Yesterday, I had the privilage to attend a trade show in Boston called New England Grows.  While I was there, I stopped by the booth of a company that I would consider to be one of the most highly respected, established, and innovative in the industry, Unilock.  As many of you know, a while back I wrote an article discussing 'The Newest Rage with Retaining Wall Block'. I briefly discussed how retaining wall manufacturers are bridging the gaps between natural stone and man-made products.  Here is the next one!...

I am thrilled to introduce to our readers one of the absolutely stunning innovations unveiled recently to our industry... 'Rivercrest' Stone!  Rivercrest Wall and Pillar


All that I could say was 'WOW'!!  Available this spring, this fantastic block is available in two colors, two thicknesses, and is double sided for retaining and sitting walls alike.

This is going to be an absolute revolution, folks!!  We are seriously moving into a new age of retaining wall blocks, and Unilock is leading the way!  In my opinion, Unilock is the Apollo 11 in wet-cast retaining walls.  Meeting and exceeding some of highest specs known to the industry, Unilock continues to blaze the trail into new territories in the Green Industry.

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