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Newest Rage with Retaining Wall Block

By: Brad Wiegand on January 20th, 2012

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Newest Rage with Retaining Wall Block

Retaining Wall  |  Sitting Wall

Suprema Retaining Wall

Does the title of this article have you a bit interested?  How can you have a rage in retaining wall block? 


Well, if you think back 15 years or so, you may recall that there weren't too many interlocking blocks available.  We had the basic hollow core blocks such as the 'Allen Block'.  These units have stood the tests of time, and are still structural 'giants' in our industry.  Trust me, they were a HUGE step up from the timber or railroad tie walls that we were used to seeing/constructing.





Aretaining wall blockdvance approximately another 5 years, and we were introduced to the tumbled retaining/garden wall blocks such as 'Brussels' from Unilock, 'Mini-Creta' and 'Quarry Stone' from Techo-Bloc.  While still being very structurally sound, these block introduced the world to a whole new look of retaining walls.  Now we had options!




Advance to Present.  So what's new?  The blocks mentioned above still pretty much rule the market.  However, there is a new manufacturing process that is rearing it's head.  It's called the wet-cast block.  These stones while not quite as dense as some of their predescessors, they are the new-kid-on-the-block.  They pack an incredible 'WOW' factor as they now begin to bridge the gap between natural stone and man-made material.  Take a look at these beauties!

Rosetta wall

Now that's a great looking stone!

retaining wall and steps

I think that I'd like that in my backyard!

sitting wall and pillar

Sitting walls and Pillars? You gotta be kidding!

retaining wall

WOW! Tell me that's real stone! Nope, it's concrete.

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