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What is a Sitting Wall?

By: Phil Bahler on April 18th, 2014

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What is a Sitting Wall?

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Paver patio with sitting wall and fire pitSo, what is a sitting wall?

A sitting wall is a low wall built on a patio that can also serve as seating. 

Typically built to the vertical height of approximately 18" to 21", a sitting wall is usually about 12" to 24" wide. This allows an individual to sit in a comfortable position. 



Sitting Wall with Fire Pit installed by Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT

Sitting walls may also be built in with a back rest.

Not only does it add a feature of comfort, but also can enhance the aesthetics of your sitting wall. We have built a variety of sitting walls in many various ways. Free standing sitting walls would generally be built out in the open on a relatively flat surface, as opposed to a retaining sitting wall combo. This type of wall would also be used to retain, or hold back soil, which makes it multi-functional. 


Sitting bench and sitting wall installed by Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT

One thing to consider while designing your sitting wall:

When using natural stone or decorative interlocking block, you have the option of creating curved or straight walls, depeding on your style and space, which can really add visual interest!





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