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What is Outdoor Living?

By: Brad Wiegand on December 15th, 2011

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What is Outdoor Living?

Outdoor Living  |  Raised Patio  |  Pool Patio

What is Outdoor Living... Oh the beauty of a simple question. The interesting part of this question is that everyone you ask will give you a different answer.  I asked a number of people what came to their mind when I said the words 'outdoor living'.  The answers ranged from 'pool areas' to 'sitting areas' to 'patios' to 'outdoor furniture' etc.  So what exactly is Outdoor Living?

I would define outdoor living as an extension of your home into the beauty of nature.  The expansion of your lifestyle into the great outdoors can greatly improve the overall function and beauty of your home, but add value as well.  Many elements make up the broad spectrum of outdoor living, but can be customized to anyone's individual preferences.  The photos below illustrate the incorporation of outdoor living into different peoples' homes.


This family wanted a pool, a sun deck, a fire pit in close proximity to the pool so they could enjoy the pool even if they weren't swimming in it, sitting walls to accomodate larger groups of friends and family, and accent low voltage lighting

Deck before Pool Patio


After -They got what they were looking for.

Outdoor Living with Pool and Patio


This family wanted a 'WOW' factor as they stepped out of their back door.  We installed a series of raised patios and incorporated raised planters, a dining area, sitting areas, an outdoor grill and bar, and a fire pit.

Outdoor Living Before patio


After- 'WOW'!

Outdoor Living Paver patio with Steps, Walls, Fire pit and Outdoor Kitchen


This family had a deck that was undersized for what they needed.  They wanted to replace it with a patio, an architectural element, an outdoor kitchen, and a fire place.

Outdoor Living Before patio

After- Voila!

Outdoor Living with Paver patio, pergola, fire place, and outdoor grill

So what comes to your mind when the words 'Outdoor Living' are mentioned?



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