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What is a Sitting Wall?

By: Brad Wiegand on November 14th, 2011

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What is a Sitting Wall?

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new england stone wallTake a scenic drive through the back roads of New England and you will inevitably spot some of the 240,000 miles of stone walls built by 19th-century farmers trying to define the border of their properties.

Today, landscapers and homeowners alike re-create the feel of these walls in their own back yards. You may not have a large plot to mark off, but your patios and flower beds are still deserving of a border. One that doubles as a place to sit down will make your outdoor space all the more enjoyable.


So...  How can a sitting wall be used and incorporated into a patio?


Space Definition

Patio and Sitting WallMany people like to have an enclosed feeling, or a sense of security when they sit on their patio.  One way to accomplish this is with a sitting wall around the perimeter of the patio.



sitting walls define patio areas

Sitting walls also can define or accent steps leading to different levels in a patio.


Fire Pit Area

Fire Pit with Sitting Wall

I think we can all agree that a fire pit area is cozy, but why not make it even a little more so, with a sitting wall.  


Overflow Seating

Sitting wall with Coffee table

Ok, so you want to have outdoor gatherings, but you don't really want to drag out the folding tables and chairs everytime...  Add an extra sitting area that doubles as overflow seating for these events.  Outdoor coffee table???!!!  What an incredible idea!  How many of us have coffee tables in our living rooms?  This is outdoor living at it's finest!


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