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The Versatility of an Outdoor Bar

By: Brad Wiegand on January 23rd, 2012

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The Versatility of an Outdoor Bar

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Outdoor bar with wine glassesDo I have to have a bar if I install an outdoor kitchen?  This question comes to me often as I am designing a patio for a homeowner.  The short answer is 'no'.  As we design outdoor kitchens, we begin by looking at the homeowner's lifestyle.  That in of itself may determine whether a bar or serving counter is applicable to the situation.  If the grill is a place of solitude after a long day's work, or just another appliance to get a meal prepared, then a bar probably is not necessary.

In the event that you are like many other folks out there, the grill is a gathering place.  A place where the family assembles after a day of being apart, or where drinks are passed to friends as they gather together to observe their steak or kabob being grilled to perfection.  If this sounds like you, then a bar may be something you want to consider.

The beauty of an outdoor bar is how versatile it can be...

Outdoor bars can be as intimate as a space for two to sit and quietly catch upOutdoor Kitchens with Built-in Grill,


or it can be large enough to accomodate a large group of friends taking a break

Large Outdoor Bar with plenty of seating



They can be incorporated into a monolithic counter topOutdoor Bar and Grill


Or they can be a seperate entityOutdoor Kitchen and Bar with Built-in Grill


An outdoor bar like an outdoor kitchen can easily have a shade structure built over it,Outdoor Kitchen and Bar with Pergola


or it can be out where it's users can absorb some sun rays.Outdoor Bar and Grill


Outdoor bars are highly functional and can be used as a serving counter for larger partiesOutdoor Bar


As you can see, if you can imagine it, it probably can be constructed to fit your needs.  Let your imagination run wild... How would you use an outdoor bar?


Parting ShotOutdoor Bar and Grill with Pergola and Sitting Walls


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