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Permeable Pavers vs. Non-Permeable Pavers

By: Amanda Bahler on March 12th, 2014

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Permeable Pavers vs. Non-Permeable Pavers

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Below is an article outlining some of the basic differences between permeable pavers and non-permeable pavements.  While each one of them have their pros and cons, both of the systems in which these pavers are installed (when done correctly) are built to last long-term.

Permeable Pavement:

A great solution for outdoor drainage problems.

permeable pavers installed in CT, Bahler BrothersPros:

  • Large Joints allow water to flow swiftly through them.
  • Small stone is swept into the joints instead of sand, in order to drain the water efficiently.
  • Joints do not have to be re-sanded over time.
  • Allows a patio to be built with walls around the perimeter since the water will drain through the joints and not cause damming.
  • Perfect solution for driveways that slant toward the garage door.
  • Sloped sub-base allows pavers to be installed perfectly level.


  • Loose jointing material can sometimes leak slightly out of the joints.


Non-Permeable Pavement:

Non Permeable Paver Patio in CTPros:


  • Requires sloping for water run off.
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