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The Gas Fire Pit.

By: Brad Wiegand on August 27th, 2012

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The Gas Fire Pit.

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gas fire pitFire pits are an absolutely wonderful thing when you're happy, sad, alone, with somebody, etc...

Whether you're with a group of people or maybe by yourself, a fire is always welcome company.  A good majority of people love the smell of wood smoke and the crackle of a fire, but it's not always for everyone.  Some folks just love the warmth of the fire without all of the headaches and hassles of the wood.  For this reason, the gas fire pit came into being.

propane fire pit on and off switch

Gas firepits are a great alternative to the traditional wood fire. 

Where they maybe lack in the smell and sound category, they certainly more than make up in convenience.  I love the idea of being able to walk out onto my patio after a long day of work and simply hit the button to turn on my gas fire pit. 

No longer do I have to go drag the wood out from behind the shed, collect kindling, wad up some paper, and attempt to light the whole less than boy scout stack of wood. 

While I am enjoying the warmth and a nice glass of wine, my 'wood counterpart' is crouched down with his/her face as close to the coals as possible blowing at them to try to get them to continue burning.  As they look across the fence at me now calmly sipping my drink and reading the latest issue of Food and Wine, their long face is telling me 'it's not going so hot'...

Propane Fire Pit in Paver Patio with Retaining WallsI've now finished my wine, and I've moved to a sitting position to help the kids roast s'mores.

Across the fence, my counterpart has quit the primal blowing techniques, and has moved to a leaf blower and more paper. 


As the sun goes down, I merrily turn the switch off of my pit and head in to settle down for the night. 

My counterpart, completely exhasporated has concluded that there won't be a fire tonight and has herded his dejected kids back into the house for their bedtime rituals.  Just before I head to bed, I glance out the window to see a beautiful fire blazing away in my neighbor's fire pit.  I look at their house...all is dark.  Well, I guess there's always tomorrow.


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