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The Benefits of Paver Driveways

By: Josh Bahler on January 26th, 2012

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The Benefits of Paver Driveways

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pothole in asphalt driveway

The benefits of paver driveways go beyond being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Paver driveways when installed correctly outlast both asphalt driveways and poured concrete driveways.  Asphalt and concrete will crack and become an eyesore and potentially a hazard.  For correct paver driveway installation click here

villagio Grande



Another option which is "Eco-Friendly" is permeable pavers which allow the water to pass down through the surface of the pavement keeping runoff water to a minimum.  Runoff from driveways and parking lots pollute the local streams, rivers, and lakes.

With pavers there are many more options for the consumer.  Choices include color, texture, size, and shape. Asphalt and concrete are fairly limited in their choices especially when compared to the plethura of choices that pavers offer.


 When choosing a contractor for your job there are also a lot of choices. Making the correct choice when picking your contractor is key in any project. A new driveway is a substantial investment, so why not do your homework and get a qualified company so that the driveway will function as needed and look good too?  Pavers may also settle as blacktop and concrete do but to repair a paver driveway, the impact to the consumers wallet and the look of the driveway will be better once the pavers are repaired than either concrete or asphalt. 

pothole in asphalt driveway resized 600A bad contractor can leave a bad taste in anybody's mouth but this fall I had the opportunity to fix a paver driveway installed by a contractor who did not install according to industry standards.  The homeowners were very dissappointed and were spending more money to get the driveway fixed.  The pictures hardly do the flaws on this project justice.  Pictures can never seem to gather the true beauty or the mess of a project.



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