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Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance

By: Randy Bianchi on April 2nd, 2015

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Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance

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Is your joint sand failing signified by moss growth or wash out? Does your hardscape project not look as nice as when it was first installed? Are you experiencing efflorescence (whitish stains) on your pavers and walls? If so, hardscape cleaning and maintenance may be just right for you. Now is the time to Clean, Restore, Beautify and Protect your investment. Seal your recently installed job now to preserve its beauty, or have us restore your old, tired project like new again.  Call today to have the Paver Doctor prescribe just what your Patio, Walkway, Pool Surround or steps need to look and perform their best for years to come. Our High-Performance Joint Sands, Cleaners & Coatings will enhance the look and protect your investment from future wear, efflorescence, staining, and contaminants. 


Joint Re-Sanding

Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance Joint Re-Sanding

Failing joint sand (signified by growing weeds, moss and ants hills/insects) along with all other joint contents are removed by pressure washing with a special nozzle and setting.  Once surface is dry, new high-performance Polymeric Joint-Sand is swept into the joints, and then compacted using a vibratory plate compactor.  This process is repeated until the satisfactory density of polymers and sand is achieved.  Sand is then moistened with a hose in sequential steps to activate polymers (polymerization). 


With a stripping agent, any previous sealant coating and residue will be removed (if applicable and necessary.)  This is followed by cleaning with a Hardscape Cleaner/Paver Primer to free the surface of any ground in dirt, efflorescence, staining or oxidation, and to open the concrete pores to “accept” the new sealer that will be applied.




Using semi-gloss finishes,the surface will be sealed with either a natural-look, wet-look or clear-look water-based sealer.  This leaves a water resistant, luxurious finish to protect from future wear, staining, dirt, and contamination.  This helps to sustain and enhancing the look & life of your hardscape.

Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance Wet Seal vs Natural Seal

***Re-Sealing is not recommended any time before two (2) years from the date of original sealing.  However; re-sealing every 3-5 years depending on usage/wear is optimal to maintain your investment and to avoid the re-stripping/re-cleaning process the next time you seal. Only a light surface washing will be required.






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