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Come Alive Outside: Games to Get the Whole Family Outdoors

Posted by Deanna Wiegand on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 12:23 PM

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We all know the importance of activity in a healthy lifestyle. While it's important for us as adults, it's equally important to teach our children about getting outside and getting some exercise. Of course, there's always exploring nature, hiking, the joy of finding a hidden stream, but there are also the times when you want something to do right in your own backyard. We will talk about some outdoor games, maybe some you even played as a child, to get the whole family outdoors and "Come Alive Outside".


Ball Challenge

For this game you only need 1-2 players

Best for ages 8+

All you will need is  a rubber ball and a wall. The object is to complete a sequence of six different ways to bounce the ball off the wall. Position 1 is simply bounce the ball off the wall and catch it. Position 2 is to bounce the ball under your raised right leg and off the wall. Position 3 is to bounce the ball under your raised left leg and off the wall. Position 4 is to bounce the ball between your legs and off the wall. Position 5 is to bounce the ball under your right leg but without raising it. Position 6 is to bounce the ball behind your back and off the wall. you can use multiple sequences of these positions. Work all the way through one sequence and then backwards through it without dropping the ball. If you don't catch the ball you need to start over again!

Come Alive Outside kids Playing





Egg Toss

For this game you need 4+ players

Best for ages 4+

Players are divided into teams of two and each team gets one egg. Standing 5-6 feet aprt, players begin to gently toss the egg back and forth with their teammate. After each toss, each player takes a step backwards before tossing the egg again. The team that is able to gain the greatest distance before the egg breaks is the winner! Water balloons are also a less messy option.


Come Alive Outside kids Playing



For this game you need 5-12 players

Best for ages 4+

Players stand with their legs shoulder width apart in a circle, each player's feet touching the feet of the player on either side of them. Players hold their hands together in a fist and lean over with their arms hanging down like an elephant's trunk. Players swing their arms and try to knock a ball between the legs of another player. If the ball goes between your legs, you can only use one arm instead of two. If the ball goes through your legs a second time you are out and the circle gets smaller.


Flashlight Tag

For this game you need 5+ players

Best for ages 5+

This game is great for after the sun goes down. Similar to Hide and Seek, the seeker is given a flashlight while the other players hide. The other players are tagged when the seeker shines the flashlight on them. When a player is tagged they switch roles with the seeker and the game continues.Come Alive Outside kids Playing




Marco Polo Dodgeball

For this game you need 10+ players

Best for ages 8+

Blindfold half the group and give them each a dodgeball. Have them stand in the middle of the play area. Assign a ball fetcher for every two blind folded people. The blindfolded kids call out "Marco" and everyone else responds "Polo". The blindfolded kids try to throw the ball in the direction of the "polo's". If a non-blindfolded player gets touched by the ball, they are out. The last player remaining is the winner.


Red Light, Green Light

For this game you need 4+ players

Best for ages 5+

One player is the "light" while everyone else stands in a line together about 30 feet away from the light. The person who is the light must stand with their back to the other players. The light calls out "green light!" and all of the players can move forward. When the light calls "red light" all players must freeze. The light quickly turns around and if they catch a player moving that palyer is out. The winner is the first player to reach the light without getting caught.


Come Alive Outside kids Playing

In this article we have discussed six games you can play in your backyard without any special equipment, and there are many more like them! We will continue to discuss some more in future blog articles. The most important thing, no matter what you do, is to get outside as a family and enjoy the great outdoors!





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