Please fill out the form below to be added to our touch-up list. If you are currently under warranty, most likely it is no charge. If not, our rates are to the left on the side of this page.



Our pricing is as follows:

$150 - for the first hour per person

+$75 - for any additional hours per person

+ Any additional materials needed for the repair.



Edging - the black edging around the pavers is coming up and is exposed to the sunlight, or it is loose and the paver pattern is starting to move.

Heaving - the pavers or wall is being pushed up.

Loose Cap - the cap on the top of the wall or the tread on the step is loose or falling off.

Re-Sand - the sand between the paver joints is a 1/2" or more below the paver.

Settling - the pavers or wall is sinking down.

Shifting - When the pavers or wall are moving to the left, right or pulling apart.

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