"The yard is beautiful. Everyone at Bahler Brothers did a great job. Phil was a pleasure to work with. He took time each morning to talk with us and make sure we were happy. The sales process was a breeze and Brad's work on the design was amazing. It is great when you see the plan come to life. Thanks again!"

-Kim Rainville, South Windsor, 2012

Retaining walls are highly functional but can have a beauty and grace all their own.

 describe the imageThe interlocking concrete retaining wall systems that are available today reflect a customer driven product line that imitates natural stone with new technology to create embossed stone textures and colors that mimic those found in our native outcroppings of bedrock.

Retaining walls are the most used vertical design element in a landscape.

What more and more people are coming to realize is that a retaining wall is much more than the beautiful stone face that you see.

The hidden structure behind the wall fa├žade is the real work horse behind the stability and longevity of a wall. It should include a combination of a good drainage field of clean drain rock and perforated pipe to allow any water approaching the wall to be eliminated. It is also imperative that sufficient compaction of the subsoil, back fill and drain rock take place.

A properly designed and installed retaining wall should last for upwards of 70 to 80 years.



Retaining Wall Photos

A sample of custom designed paver Walls and Steps installed by Bahler Brothers in the past 26 years. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.