We Proudly Stand Behind Our Work.

With over 35 years of experience in the paver installation field we've learned a few things, some by years trial and error and some with the support of our hardscape community. That growth has also allowed us to continue to grow as a company and stand behind our work. Now we can pass it on to you in hopes of better educating the community and uniformly raising installation standards across the board.
Check out our 10 step process:
  • 7 page full color and fully illustrated whitepaper
  • Lists the 9 time-proven steps to a installing a successful paver project in Connecticut and Southern New England!
  • Learn how to build your own paver project, (or how your contractor should be building it)!
Once you study this document, you will never look at a paver project the same.
And for more information about the Hardscape community, installation techniques across the country, and an organization that we use as reference to our own installation techniques check out: