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Covid-19 Re-Opening Procedures

Effective May 20, 2019
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Re-Opening Plans:
The following are the guidelines that we will use and require as we begin the re-opening process in accordance with the State of Connecticut recommendations. These guidelines will be posted at the entrances of our office. 
While in Bahler Brothers Office:
  • Masks must be worn in show room and in kitchen area at all times.
  • Hands must be washed upon entering building (Cleaner will be provided).
  • All Client meetings will be conducted outside whenever possible, (as some Clients may not be wearing masks). 
  • We ask that all Clients and Bahler Brothers employees follow social distancing during meetings, maintaining 6 foot distancing.
  • All offices and common spaces at the Bahler Brothers office will be cleaned sanitized daily, as well as after any meetings that take place inside the office.
Bahler Brothers employees and crews:
  • On entering Bahler Brothers property, all employees and crews are required to wash their hands (Cleaner will be provided).
  • We will wear masks both on the job site and when conducting client meetings, when social distancing protocol can not be followed.
  • Any employee who is unwell is asked to not report to work until they are well.
  • All employees are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their workspace and tools.
  • Every employee and crew member will be given their own tools for their perspective task, as to not share with other employees.
We ask for your understanding and patience as we are all in this together and are doing our best during these times as our main focus is to keep our customers and employees safe! Lastly, we ask that everyone respect each other's space and most importantly be kind! 

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