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Philip Bahler

Connect with Philip Bahler

My brothers and I would often talk of starting our own business and working together. I was 15 years old when we started Bahler Brothers. When I was young I never really thought about the hard work it would take to build our company to what it is today. When you have such passion, you overlook the pain, and that is how it was for me. There are not too many things in life that can compare to the feeling that is generated from building a beautiful backyard makeover. I just love to show up on a project that has nothing but grass or dirt, and when we are done with the project you can hardly keep your eyes off it...or you want to move in.

I am the youngest of the 4 Bahler Brothers. I was one of those kids who just loved to be outside. When I was young I could be found either riding my bike or playing with trucks and equipment in the back yard dirt pile. I have also been accused of being very innovative. I can still remember my pedal tractor with a back up mirror duct taped to the hood. I did this at an early age so that I could back up without turning my head. When I turned 11, I got a job with a local farmer, who raised horseradish and vegetables in the summer and processed wood in the winter. I would ride my bike the half mile to and from work no matter what the weather. It was at this farm that I really learned my work ethics. At that age, I was a small kid and had to work extra hard to keep up with the older kids that worked there.

There was a person at one time who told me " if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." I do find myself repeating this quote quite often. I also have come to realize that we labor in one of the most grueling occupations.  Many of our tasks require repetitive movement and working with heavy materials. My other passion is inventing tools. I love to provide tools for our industry that help the labor force install our products quicker, easier, and with less physical strain. I started the tool business, Pave Tool Innovators, to sell my inventions. 

I truly do not believe that there are very many industries that have such a reward in the end result.