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Caleb Bahler

Connect with Caleb Bahler

I always tell people that I was born into Bahler Brothers. Since twelve years old, my summers have been dedicated to helping Bahler Brothers thrive. I was not the type of kid you would find playing football or baseball. You would typically find me at work with Dad (Phil is my dad). I remember stomping around the house with a sour face when Mom wouldn't let me go to work. My earlier ages consisted of playing with construction equipment and building stuff. Since the age of 8 my father would let me run the skid steer, backhoe and excavator when he brought them home for weekend projects. 

I am a foreman on a wall crew that strives for the best quality, and I aim to please the customer to the best of my ability. I am currently attending STCC (Springfield Tech Community College) for construction management. I plan to use my knowledge to step my way up and to continue grow the great company that my dad and uncles created. A qualification for my crew is that you can only have fun at work. With my great team of Outdoor Living Professionals, there is nothing more rewarding than creating an outdoor living area where people spend more time outside than inside.