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Thomas Bahler



Owner & Sales Team Leader



There are two things that I have a great passion about in my work...

First is, "Outdoor Creations!" Taking an undesirable area of your yard and turning it into something that is beautiful and usable.  Over the years my brothers and those that have worked for us have called some of my designs "Tommy's Dream-Scapes". When working a design concept out on paper and then being able to see the transformation come together is another part of what we do that really brings me excitement and satisfaction!

The second thing is, I love the feeling of knowing that I was able to help you, as a client, "Create" something in your yard that you couldn't even imagine and now, you "Enjoy" it with family, friends and neighbors. 
Inspiration every time!

Philip Bahler

Phil Bahler from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Founder & Wall Crew Foreman



My brothers and I often would talk of starting ourown business and working together. I was 15 years old when we started Bahler Brothers. When I was young I never really thought about the hard work it would take to build our company to what it is today. When you have such passion, you overlook the pain, and that is how it was for me. There are not too many things in life that can compare to the feeling that is generated from building a beautiful backyard makeover. I just love to show up on a project that has nothing but grass or dirt, and when we are done with the project you can hardly keep your eyes off it...or you want to move in.

I am the youngest of the 4 Bahler Brothers. I was one of those kids who just loved to be outside. When I was young I could be found either riding my bike or playing with trucks and equipment in the back yard dirt pile. I have also been accused of being very innovative. I can still remember my pedal tractor with a back up mirror duct taped to the hood. I did this at an early age so that I could back up without turning my head. When I turned 11, I got a job with a local farmer, who raised horseradish and vegetables in the summer and processed wood in the winter. I would ride my bike the half mile to and from work no matter what the weather. It was at this farm that I really learned my work ethics. At that age, I was a small kid and had to work extra hard to keep up with the older kids that worked there.

There was a person at one time who told me " if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." I do find myself repeating this quote quite often. I also have come to realize that we labor in one of the most grueling occupations.  Many of our tasks require repetitive movement and working with heavy materials. My other passion is inventing tools. I love to provide tools for our industry that help the labor force install our products quicker, easier, and with less physical strain. I started the tool business, Pave Tool Innovators, to sell my inventions. 

I truly do not believe that there are very many industries that have such a reward in the end result.

Caleb Bahler

Caleb Bahler from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


2nd Gen & Wall Crew Foreman



I always tell people that I was born into Bahler Brothers. Since twelve years old, my summers have been dedicated to helping Bahler Brothers thrive. I was not the type of kid you would find playing football or baseball. You would typically find me at work with Dad (Phil is my dad). I remember stomping around the house with a sour face when Mom wouldn't let me go to work. My earlier ages consisted of playing with construction equipment and building stuff. Since the age of 8 my father would let me run the skid steer, backhoe and excavator when he brought them home for weekend projects. 

I am a foreman on a wall crew that strives for the best quality, and I aim to please the customer to the best of my ability. I am currently attending STCC (Springfield Tech Community College) for construction management. I plan to use my knowledge to step my way up and to continue grow the great company that my dad and uncles created. A qualification for my crew is that you can only have fun at work. With my great team of Outdoor Living Professionals, there is nothing more rewarding than creating an outdoor living area where people spend more time outside than inside.

Steven Bahler

Steve Bahler from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Owner & Production Manager



My passion? Elegant Outdoor Living.

I love to see what we are starting with and then seeing the building process for what it takes to get to the Elegant Living part. I like organizing the crews for each project - giving each of them the task that I know they excel at and love to do. I enjoy getting the materials organized and to the job when it's needed. I also enjoy seeing a profit at the end of the project, which means I had the right people and materials for the job.

Finally I really love it when we complete a project and the client says, "Wow! That came out better than I expected."

Lloyd Bahler

Lloyd Bahler from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Founder & Excavation Foreman



"I love to DIG!"

I do all the dig out for our flat work (paver patios, walks, ect). I started Bahler Brothers (with my 3 brothers) when I was 21. If you are having a patio or walkway installed, I will probably be the first person in your yard. I tend to make it look like a hurricane came through your backyard, but by the time I am done... It will be all prepped and ready for the paver crew.

I also oversee all of the maintenance of our trucks and equipment.

Ryan King

Ryan King from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Sales & Design Team




I have always had a hand in the landscape field from maintenance to installing new landscapes. I have a BS in Landscape Architecture from the University of Connecticut.  After graduation, I spent two years working for a design/build office where I focused on native ecological design and installation.  I joined Bahler Brothers in the spring of 2016. The most satisfying aspect I take away from my career is witnessing the enjoyment on a client’s face after we have completely transformed their outdoor space into something meaningful and memorable.

Randy Bianchi

Randy Bianchi from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Hardscape Maintenance Division



I joined the Bahler Brothers Team in 2014 after many years exposed to and working in the hardscape industry.  I have a BS in Marketing and Communication along with a minor in Sciences. I have been working with pavers, sealers, cleaners and the chemical aspects of hardscape maintenance and concrete coatings for about 7 years. I am a Techniseal Certified  Technician and with my experience and knowledge, I can offer you exactly what you need to restore and maintain your hardscape or concrete.  I take great pleasure watching how amazed people are when I make their old, tired, or dirty project look like new again!

Robert Bahler

Robert Bahler from Bahler Brothers, South Windsor, CT


2nd Generation




I started working for Bahler Brothers about the time between my sophomore and junior years of high school, but being part of the second generation, it really started earlier on. My father is Tom, owner and sales team leader, and growing up in a family business has been a great experience. It has created a concrete foundation in me that makes me care about the business and have the desire to stay with it. I am currently going to school for Civil Engineering, and I hope my education will benefit not only me, but also the company that I have grown to love.

I would have to say that a little bit of my dad has “rubbed off on me.” I’m a perfectionist and most everyone in our team will vouch for that. Without this, I would not have the passion for building these outdoor living creations that we have been producing. The best part of my job is when I stand and look back on the year or after a job has been built and inspect the creations we have made for our customers. It gets me excited I love it. I hope our customers can enjoy their outdoor living as much as I did building them and working with the awesome team we have been shaped into.

Joshua Bahler

Josh Bahler from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Production Manager bbros 



I am the oldest of the second generation (Steve’s son). I have been working in the business my whole life. Not a summer has gone by that I haven’t laid a paver. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from Central Connecticut State University.  My job has two awesome parts.Project Manager and Customer Service Rep

I am the Project manager on the bigger complex projects.  I make sure the job gets done in a timely fashion with the highest quality in the industry and that the customers are 100% satisfied. 

The second part of my job is doing most of the repair work here at Bahler Brothers.  I like to think of myself as “The Paver Doctor” since I solve different problems that may arise in people’s outdoor living spaces. I love meeting new customers and old customers alike and building a rapport with them.  I also enjoy being a husband and a dad to two cute children if I say so myself, but I am biased.

Jen Kloter

Jen_Kloter, landscape designer, bahler brothers


Sales & DesignTeam 




I joined the Bahler Brothers Sales Team in 2008, and I love my job! It's being able to listen to what a customer dreams of, wants and needs for their project, and then taking that information and turning it into a design that just fits.

I have a BS degree from UConn in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. I also spent 4 years living in Oregon. While there, I worked for 2 full service landscape contractors - in their design/build divisions. It was there that I really learned how to design for residential spaces. One of the companies I worked for in Salem specialized in landscape lighting design and installation. There is nothing like the feeling of wonder you get when you turn the lights on for the first time - there is a magical transformation that takes place that completely changes the way the landscape looks and feels. Out of all of the design elements that we install here at Bahler Brothers - landscape lighting has to be my favorite.

Outside of work, I am a 4-H leader to a group of girls ranging in ages from 7 to 17. I love singing, reading, photography and spending time with my family and friends.

George Siriotis

George Siriotis from Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT


Sales & Design Team




I joined the Bahler Brothers sales/design team in 2016 after making a career change to pursue a hobby and personal interest. 

Prior to joining Bahler Brothers, I spent over 20 years in a variety of sales and marketing leadership positions at a Fortune 500 company. My corporate success was built on my ability to develop strong client relationships, along with an ability to achieve results with a unique blend of analytical and creative thinking.  These skills I found were all transferrable to the field of landscape design.

In 2015, I completed the Landscape Design Certificate Program at the New York Botanical Garden, and also successfully completed the Connecticut Nursery Accreditation Program.  I’m passionate about helping my clients create a personal retreat where they can enjoy entertaining family and friends, or simply relaxing during some much needed down time.

In addition to my Landcape Design certification, I also hold an undergraduate degree in Finance from The University of Massachusetts and an MBA in Marketing from The University of New Haven.

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