"Since the completion of our project, many of our neighbors, friends and family have stopped by to see it. We have received much positive feedback. The driveway and steps really complement our house and adds curb appeal."

-Steve & Carol Fong, Ellington, 2012

Give your home the new look it deserves!

No questions asked…

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An interlocking concrete paver driveway adds the most curb appeal to any house. Being the largest segment of the overall landscape, it is the most visible. When you combine the choice of colors, patterns, textures and design to the overall look, there is not a house anywhere that a paver driveway cannot help enhance.

When you think about it, the very first thing that people see when they enter any property is the driveway.

Interlocking concrete pavers are three times as strong as poured concrete, and when properly installed, the paved surface has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years.

Polymeric Sand… or poly sand as we sometimes call it, is a joint sand that has a stabilizing polymer mixed in that prevents it from migrating or escaping the joints of an interlocking concrete paved surface. It is the biggest contributor to a low-maintenance stone installation because of its ability to harden up and prevent weed seeds from germinating and taking root.

Driveway Photos

A sample of custom designed paver Driveways installed by Bahler Brothers in the past 26 years. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.