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Paver Patio Face Lift


When you pull up to the the Hebert residence, one of the first things you notice is the large set of steps leading up to their side entry. All solid concrete with a walkway leading only part way to the patio. Then taking that walkway (or grass) to the back patio...We discover what used to be a beautiful patio years ago but now needs a little face lift.

We decided that those steps needed an overlay and the walk needed re-doing. We had so much fun designing the back patio. A fire pit, complimented with a sitting bench incorporated into a retaining wall. We removed some of the old pavers in one part of the patio to create an inlay. What a difference just vertical elements and some new pavers can make!

Check out their transformation below:

Donoghue Transformation


Working with this customer was an incredible joy.

They were not satisfied with the way their yard as it was so they called us in to help them out. It was amazing to watch this project unfold and now you can too!

Paver Patio Replaces Worn Out Deck


Deck-be-gone!Before patio

This customer came to us and informed us that they were sick of their deck and it was all torn out. They needed a raised paver patio. Of course we thought that was a great idea and we started designing and planning right away. When the plans were complete, we had a raised patio using Techo-Bloc's Blu 60. Multiple sets of Rosetta steps leading to the pool, a waterfall, and low voltage landscape lighting.

Paver Patio with Landscape Lighting



 Landscape Lighting

In the photo to the left you can see the low-voltage lighting we installed from Bisco. It is wonderful to be able to add hours of enjoyment to your patio! Since it is low-voltage, it is very cost effective. Did you know that new modern 12-volt lighting systems can actually save you money? It is more cost effective than standard outdoor lamps!


Landscape Water Fall and Patio

Pondless Water Feature

It is amazing what the flow of water can do to calm your nerves at the end of a stressful day. Pondless water features are the answer! The maintenance is minimal, they are easy to install, and they are a perfect add-on to your outdoor living space.


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A Place for Everyone - Paver Patio Installation


patio, grass, unfinished, helpThis paver patio project was simple but brought much more character to the customer's front porch area. They use their front porch a lot, but it wasn't big enough. They also wanted to  include an area "just for mom", have steps stepping down the hill leading to the pool area, and have a small path through the herb garden to access the hose faucet. Some landscape lighting was also added. Here is what we came up with, resulting in a very satisfied customer!

We started with the design phase.

design, autoCAD, drawing, sketching, designing



The customer came into the showroom, picked out their pavers, and the installation process began!

The patio came out beautiful. Laid in Techo-Bloc's Blu 60 in Champlain Gray, created to mimick natural bluestone. Techo-Bloc's Shale Gray Parisien square cordinates well as a border.patio, blu 60 paver, techo-bloc, add-on patio

Low-voltage landscape lighting was also added. The tall lights in the background of the photo are a unique lighting combination from Alliance Outdoor Lighting of tiki torch on top (to keep those pesky bugs away) and low voltage area light underneath, expanding the hours of use on the patio. What a great idea!


hill side, steps, needs steps

Informal Steps to Pool Area

steps, big slabs, slabs, wetcast products, rossetta steps, idealThe homeowner needed steps of some sort down the hill to the lower area of the yard. Ideal's Rosetta steps, distributed by New England Silica, comes in many different sizes and colors and are made to look like big slabs of natrual stones. Perfect for an informal staircase!

Mom's Getaway - A space of her own!

The circle with the circle pack, antika, patio, sitting wall, mini cretasitting wall = Mom's paradise. This area was designed for a biestro table where Mom could seperate herself from the hussle and bussle of life and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in peace!

Don't step on the Herbs!

 maya, antika, walkway, path, hoseStepping through the landscape bed to get to the hose was a step the homeowners did not want to take. They loved the combination of the small Techo-Bloc Antika pavers and the large Maya Stepping stones together to make the perfect path to their hose faucet!

Click Here to see more Project Tranformations!

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Techo-Bloc Rocks the Market with Great NEW Materials



Techo-Bloc is one of the most well recognized names in the hardscape industry.  With their state of the art manufacturing, first class service, and transferable lifetime warranty on most of their products, they are poised once again this year to launch forward.  Hot of the presses comes their newest, latest and greatest materials. Highlighted below are a number of their new models.


60" Rocka Step

Rocka Step

For the past couple of years, the 48" Rocka has been one of the finest monolithic concrete steps available.  Now once again, Techo-Bloc has stepped to the plate and made this great product available to you as a 60" piece.


York Step

York Step

A beautiful addition to their step collection, York Steps come to us as a 60" piece.  A powerful spinoff of the split-faced natural stone, York captures the beauty and elegance that natural stone affords.


Maya Steps-Maya Steps

Maya Steps continue to bridge the gap between natural stone and man-made replicas.  These beauties offer a casual option to those of you looking more for the slab stone appearance.








York Counter Capsyork cap II

A brand new line of products last year, the York Caps were a true hit with contractors and homeowners alike.  With their semi-smooth tops and chisled faces, the York Caps brought a simple and yet elegant crown for retaining walls and steps. Now, they are available to you as a 24"x36" Counter Cap. (actual counter cap not shown).





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